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  • Here is a double pumper fuel system for the evo7/8/9 platform

    the hanger is made out of billet aluminum 6061  T6. Billet relay box and billet pump brace and bracket.

    The absolute best products are used in this fuel system. There isnt a better, more affordable, user friendly than this setup in the market and includes life time warranty on all parts and hardware as well as limited warranty on the pumps. 
    The complete Kit consist of a twin walbro fuel pumps (your choice on pump model) with AN fittings of your preference from push in OEM style situable for OEM lines to 10an fittings at no extra charge. Retains a brand new stock syphon tube drilled to specific size, brand new OEM housing gasket and stock connector for the stock wiring harness to avoid any wire cutting. Also fuel level sending unit (not included) stays in the same spot as the stock housing. A Deutsch mil-spec (male and female) connector for the pumps to connect to the relay box. Mil-spec wiring harness. Billet relay box 2 BOSCH relays adjustable boost pressure switch and battery cable. This kit requires absolutely no wire cutting and installation takes about 30min.
    Simply drop in the double pumper in the tank. Connect the relay box to the double pumper using the provided wire harness. connect the wire from the relay box to the battery and install a vacuum hose from your manifold the the barb fitting in the relay box. Thats all. It really doesnt get any better than that!!!!!!!

    BPR EVO 7/8/9billet double pumper kit

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