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Our new redesigned billet door hinges are made out of aluminum 6061 and proudly machined in house. They are lighter than the OEM hinges giving you a total weight saving of 1.5 pounds each door. Also the quick release feature allows you to remove the door in a matter of seconds giving you the ability to be able to work inside the car in tight spaces when having the doors fully open becomes a problem.

the redesigned hinges offer new features as adjustable frame and door side, Ti pin and Ti hardware, lighter than previous version, door stopper to prevent slamming against the fender, security tap to prevent door lifting when in close position and black anodizing...


kit includes both driver and passenger hinges also includes ti hardware

EVO8/9 BILLET DOOR HINGES QUICK RELEASE v2 - driver and passenger doors

  • Our door hinges are most likely to directly fit but have in mind not all cars are exactly the same when it comes to body parts and some adjustments might be required. It is recommended to remove fenders for an easier installation process,

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